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Scenic Drive Tour

2 Day, 1 Night $475 Per Person
This tour travels the most scenic roads in the park where you will see beautiful colors of sandstone rocks and canyons. There are several outlooks for many photo opts. The drive is 10 miles of paved road accessible by most vehicles and hiking trails.

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view along Scenic Drive

Capitol Dome/Petro Tour

1 Day, 2 Night $300 Per Person
Hike or ride along on Hwy 24, 1.5 miles east of the Visitors Center to the "Petroglyph Pullout" to enjoy the "rock art" of prehistoric peoples. Then one mile down the road is the famous "Capitol Dome." Many sandstone domes can be seen here towering over the Fremont river. They resemble the U.S. Capitol, hence the "Capitol" reference is the park's name.

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capitol dome

Cathedral Valley Tour

1 Night, 1 Day, $200 Per Person
This is a beautiful hike or ride of 3.5 miles that winds above the rocks and provides outstanding views of the "Cathedral" rocks that grow out of the desert landscape. The climb is steep switchbacks. Climbers are not allowed to climb to the top but views are sure not to disappoint.

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Cathedral Valley