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Capitol Dome namesake for Capitol Reef

Capitol Reef was designated a national park on December 18, 1971. The 241,904 acre park is located in south-central Utah and is open all year; May through September being the most popular. It is 100 miles long but fairly narrow. The majestic domes, spires, and cathedral-like rocks created by the 100 mile bulge in the earth's crust is called the Water Pocket Fold. This erosion created the majestic rock formations called Capitol Reef.

Utah Rocks schedules Capitol Reef park tours year-round. Create your own itinerary or take advantage of our many established tours. Whether you are a couple or a family our 20 years plus of experience will design a tour to your specifications. Our tours consists of hikes, jeep tours, horse backing riding for a group of 6-12 participants. Enjoy the beautiful Capitol Reef from the comfort of our touring jeeps or through the soles of your hiking shoes.

Panoramic view from Scenic Drive